Fresh, Free and a Bit Frantic: Find Out What’s This Kind of Compulsion

Me? Athlete? Not at all. Removing the security training wheels was already a big deal, my skills didn’t develop much after that – as my short bio can prove it: Bike as a child and drink coffee as a Pro. Anyway, the lack of maturity in cycling has never refrained my passion for bicycles. It could even be one of the causes of the actual obsession … But then, what is the explanation for my childhood non-trauma?

In Oslo or Rio de Janeiro… I always love to use public bikes

I have my theories about bikephilia. Nothing too complex. Just takes a ride to get a good perspective. The euphoria of finding the balance in movement, the breeze kissing my face and the freedom of going towards a desired direction. A smile that refuses to be worn out. Zero need for stopping along the way. And a feeling that always returns when I see a pretty skinny or have the opportunity to snap a photo of it.


Is this voyeurism?

A bicycle has a simple yet elegant design that makes people and places look instantly more stylish – at least from my passionate point of view! This also resonates the use of a fancy wording here: the bike being the ludic element in this context.

Streetstyle, bikestyle… you name it!

Now, seriously. These are examples of how the ordinary become extraordinary, depending on the way you envision it. Whether there’s a skinny is in front of a luxury store in Sweden or parked at an area under construction in Sri Lanka. Whether one outfit is cool or that’s the unusual attitude what makes is fashionable. Or if I invent to name it Bikemania, Bike Magia or Bikephilia, not sure whether I’m expressing my love properly.

Sri Lanka and Sweden in the same color pallette

And since I am showcasing the non-skills that makes me happy, I must confess another bizarre mania: singing in the bike. As soon as I mention it, I remember a particular street in Liubliana with amazing acoustics. Then I picture myself chanting shamelessly and revive the sensation of floating. Do not stop me now!

tree-images-with bicycles
Sri Lanka – Slovenia – Denmark

Slovenia also brings other memories involving two wheels and lots of laughter: the electric bike ride through the vineyards, an afternoon encouraging a friend to go by bike to the workspace and the night I returned from there so distracted (singing, perhaps) that I had to bump in a road sign pointing to Austria in order to realize how far and lost I was – then this friend sends me a message the next morning, asking if I arrived late due to a “steamy session” with some local guy… but I only sweated riding the bike !!!

Wooden bike: eco-chic design from Slovenia

Here, in Southeast  Asia,  scooters are called bikes and  bicycles are losing more and more their space on the streets .. This makes traffic too dangerous, increasing air pollution… and reducing my skill levels.That’s why I’m not riding a bicycle lately. But I keep reminding those  “ludic” moments and compulsively shooting my object of desire. So follow me on Instagram  to see more pictures like these! And if you’d like to be inspired by other stories of bikes in the world, I recommend the book Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne ..

I couldn’t do like Julia Roberts in Bali,  had to go on foot to eat, pray and love.

Xoxo, Prats

PS – Apart from the last image (promotional material from the movie Eat, Pray, Love), all photos were taken by me. Isn’t it a compulsion?