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5 reasons why you should stay more than a couple of days in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The biggest urban centre in Sri Lanka is named after a famous Portuguese explorer, known as the discoverer of America: Colombo. As I love to play with puns, this makes me extra excited to post a blog series about how I discovered Colombo. Bazinga! Although most of the travel books just recommend a couple of days in the city, I can assure it is worthy exploring Colombo in a more relaxed pace – living nine moths in the city, I made a bunch of interesting findings to share with you!

It is understandable that most tourists still mix up Colombo with the International Airport (located 35km from the city center). After all, they come here to explore the natural beauty and wild life that turned Sri Lanka into a trendy travel destination. The boom is confirmed by daily arrivals of travellers from England, Australia, Russia, Germany and United Emirates. There are not many Brazilians passport holders yet, but this numbers are growing as well as the American, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Scandinavian…

Yes, they are mainly looking for exotic beaches and mountains but there are also good reasons to spend some time in Colombo:

– Short-circuit. You can go for the must-see and also explore not so tourist attractions, getting in touch with the local lifestyle.

– A taste of luxury. Even if you are on a budget

– Shopping; For exotic items or not.

– The urban contrasts. Especially interesting after long travels and uncomfortable stays (that’s how you really pay for the exoticism)

– Great restaurants and cafes. Supplied with fresh seafood and tropical fruits

I will explain about each of these topics in my next posts. Follow me to this new Colombo discovery?

Xoxo, Prats

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