Our First Blogversary

Let’s celebrate together Pratserie’s anniversary!

Photo: Marcos Duarte

Last year, I started this blog inviting you to travel with me. It was quite in a shy way (and I must confess I wasn’t really sure what direction to take) but my goal was making a positive impact on other people’s lifes. Who were these people? I didn’t know yet. Still, I firmly believed I could touch and motivate those who embark with me, as accomplices of a series of changes and learning steps. How? By sharing my experiences, inspiring, expanding horizons, fueling dreams… and, hopefully, igniting some action to make them happen.

Being selected to participate on Remote Year propelled me towards what I was dreaming. And it happened exactly when my focus was a major lifestyle revolution. So I just DID IT. Bought a one-way ticket, prepared what had to be prepared, using the resources and skills that I had and keeping myself open to develop or change whatever could be necessary along the way – always certain I wouldn’t be following alone! Therefore, I dedicated every post for those who caught a ride on this trip – showing my images as making an eye contact that worth a thousand words and writing about my findings and guesses as if it was a casual conversation on a bar.

I wasn’t expecting to reach so many people, in so many different corners of the world. As Pratserie was growing, I began to understand what joined us together. Every idea and every image I posted here was either a gift for you and a learning experience for me …  then I realized what must be my moves: exchange, entertain, inform and, possibly, transform.

I am very grateful for your company on this journey!

Xoxo, Prats

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