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No matter the length or style of your trip, it always worth indulging in local beauty treatments and feeling the benefits on your skin. Literally.

Photo: Alice Luker

One of my favorite travel rituals is to seek – and experience – the best beauty findings everywhere I go. That’s such a pleasant way to get in touch with a different culture that I highly recommend all travelers give it a try.


I must confess Spa Ceylon was already in my radar, since I’ve heard about their notorious cosmetics and beauty treatments inspired by Ayurveda.

As I was already planning to check the brand in Sri Lanka, I’ve  focused on finding the most unique experience they offer. Luckily enough, their Spa was just getting ready to  launch a new ritual and they have invited me to try it.

Not bad, uh…

But I’d share my review here, anyway!

Photo: Alice Luker

Entering the sumptuous building, I felt relieved to let Colombo’s boiling weather behind and in a few seconds I was simply amazed by the overall atmosphere.

Spa Ceylon Royal Indulgence Store and Spa is definitely a regal space, tastefully decorated and appealing to all the senses. One could easily spend a couple of hours exploring the place, sampling their amazing products, buying souvenirs and taking throne selfies – as showed above.

All so impressive that it seemed like an alternative tourist attraction to me.


Then, I had the honor to be the first to experience the newest Detox Purifying Ritual.

Every step of the process was very gentle, and yet, intense. Two hours of beauty bliss, starting with an invigorating brushing to improve body circulation.

After that, a professional masseuse performed a careful lymphatic drainage that stimulates toxin elimination – applying an Ayurvedic formula to intensify the results.

Then it came the bath time and I could already feel my skin more radiant and toned.


The results were so great that motivated me to set a new appointment,  for getting a facial. I’ve chosen the Rose Quartz Face Lift, that also includes anti-stress massages and chakra alignment.

With my eyes closed, I enjoyed a variety of sensations during the treatment: the different textures of the products, the pleasant aromas, the quietness and the soft pressure of the massage on some key points that leaded me to relaxation…

Then, the professional beautician explained about the powerful skin tightening mask she was about to apply on me. Apart from the lifting effect, I found very interesting that the mask took my face’s format when it got dry.

I also enjoyed  the snack that’s served at the end of each ritual:

  • a delicious Ceylon tea from their own local production;
  • a natural sweetener named kittul (which tastes like ‘rapadura’ or brown sugar);
  • diced fruit sprinkled with spices.

All authentic local flavours I was also tasting for the first time 🙂

Next door, my friend Alice Luker (author of Style in Sri Lanka website) was experiencing the Body Polish Renewal Ritual.

All documented: mask, snacks and a post-ritual selfie by Alice Luker

Of course, Spa Ceylon offers basic treatments like pedicure or waxing. But the rituals are unique experiences, with an exclusive blend of Ayurvedic tradition and modern techniques.

That’s the kind of beauty treat I love to find abroad and showcase to my followers!

Therefore I must reinforce that I wasn’t hired by the brand for a publicity post.

Everything I’ve wrote reflects my point of view regarding the (wonderful) experiences I had at Spa Ceylon and my invitation was as a courtesy – extended to the photographer Alice Luker,  that kindly provided me the images credited here.

spa_ceylon_by_Fernanda_Prats (2)

Xoxo, Prats


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