Weekends are too short? Pretend you’re on vacation

According to one of the most quoted american writers, William Arthur Ward: “Happiness is an inside job.” Cool, I know he deals with personal development and so, but I think it’s always nice to take a break – whatever you’re working on. Celebrate with friends, contemplate the end of a beautiful day, toast without reason, try something new or just enjoy something you like with an extra dose of style. Even the simplest things can become extraordinary.

Best Caipirinha in Sri Lanka (Galle Face Hotel) – Passion Fruit with Old Rum and Arrack Sour (The Ravelock Place Bungalow) – Chocolate Martini (Park Street Mews)

When we celebrate what makes us happy, it makes happiness spread and multiply. Then, my suggestion is inviting happiness for the happy hour … and enjoy the weekend!

Piña Colada (Chena Huts by Uga) with my friend Alice Luker, from Style in Sri Lanka blog

Xoxo, Prats

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