You hear the phrase “My office is at the beach” and …

A – You guess it’s part of some surf music lyrics

B – Daydream about working remotely in Thailand

C – Never heard the Brazilian song Zóio de Lula – and probably wouldn’t understand the lyrics – but enjoy the idea

D – Think the beach is just a place to relax.

Before choosing your alternative (and letting me know your choice in the comments), take a look at some places that I adopted as office this journey:



But working online at the beach is not as simple as it sounds.

Firstly, you have to consider the excessive light or humidity on the equipment, and the sand  – which is not an issue at that beach in the photos above, taken in Croatia 🙂

Getting appropriate structure for the experience of working with a laptop at the beach, I usually go to a cafe or restaurant that offers shade, fresh water … and wi-fi at the oceanfront.

Also, it’s always better to go work together with some friends – so we can take turns swimming and taking care of the material.

My little workspace in the corner near a temple in Bali, Indonesia

Quieter environments stimulate concentration and I like enjoy being in the middle of the action and having access to lectures and events. That’s why I mostly choose proper co-working spaces.

Locus Workspace – Prague/Czech Republic

In general, a co-working space features a comfy and creative ambiance with several setting options to accommodate different work materials – and matching the most varied tastes – including meeting room, lounge, kitchen and/or bar.


brasileiros_no_Remote_Year_por Fernanda_Prats
Poligon Center – Ljubljana/Slovenia

Throughout these 10 months travelling and working in different parts of the world, I’ve been seeing the most varied landscapes when I take a break from looking to my laptop.


Whether the option is working at the beach, finding a comfortable spot at a cafe or sitting in the airport treadmill (as shown at the end of this post) …


And  if I have a deadline that requires some offline work on the road… anything goes!

Sri Lanka

Xoxo, Prats

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