You hear the phrase “My office is at the beach” and …

A – Guess it’s part of some surf music lyrics

B – Think about digital nomads working in Thailand

C – Never heard the Brazilian song Zóio de Lula – and probably wouldn’t understand this statement on the lyrics – but enjoy the idea

D – Think the beach is just a place to relax.


Before choosing your alternative (and letting me know your choice in the comments), take a look at some places that I adopted as office this journey:

My colleagues working at the beachfront, in Croatia

But working online at the beach is not as simple as it sounds.

Firstly, you have to consider the excessive light or humidity on the equipment, and the sand  – which is not an issue at that beach in the photos above, taken in Croatia 🙂

Getting appropriate structure for the experience of working with a laptop at the beach, I usually go to a cafe or restaurant that offers shade, fresh water … and wifi at the oceanfront.

Also, it’s always better to go work together with some friends – so we can take turns swimming and taking care of the material.

My little workspace in the corner near a temple in Bali, Indonesia

Quieter environments stimulate concentration and I like enjoy being in the middle of the action and having access to lectures and events. That’s why I mostly choose proper coworking spaces,

Locus Workspace, Praga

In general, a coworking space features a cosy decoration with several setting options to accommodate different work materials – and tmatching the most varied tastes – including meeting room, lounge, kitchen and/or bar.


brasileiros_no_Remote_Year_por Fernanda_Prats
Poligon coworking space hosted the #1 Remote Year in Slovenia

Throughout these 10 months travelling and working in different parts of the world, I’ve been seeing the most varied landscapes when I take a break from looking to my laptop.


Whether the option is working at the beach, finding a comfortable spot at a cafe or sitting in the airport treadmill (as shown at the end of this post) …


and  if I have a deadline that requires some offline work on the road… anything goes!

Sri Lanka

Xoxo, Prats

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