You hear the phrase “My office is on the beach” and …

A – Guess it’s part of some surf music lyrics

B – Imagine some digital nomads working in Thailand

C – Are too young to know “Zóio de Lula”- Brazilian song, launched in 1999  by Charlie Brown Jr- but emjoy the idea of working remotely.

D – Think the beach is just a place to relax.


Before choosing your alternative (and tell me in the comments), take a look at some places that I adopted as office this journey:

My colleagues working in front of the ocean, in Croatia

Working online at the beach is not as simple as it seems. With no structure, the experience is limited to the creative process. Usually, I choose a nearby cafe or restaurant that offers shade, fresh water … and wifi. Also, it’s always better to go work together with some friends – so we take turns swimming and taking care of the material.

The place I used to work in Bali

As much as quieter environments favor concentration, sometimes it’s good to be in the middle of the hustle and have access to lectures and events.

Locus Workspace, Praga

In general, a cowork space offers several settings options – to meet the most varied tastes – including meeting rooms and a kitchen or bar.


brasileiros_no_Remote_Year_por Fernanda_Prats
Poligon, the workspace in Slovenia that hosted the #1 Remote Year group

I’ve been seing the most varied landscapes in these 10 months traveling and working in different parts of the world – when I take a break from looking to my laptop.


Whether the option is to work comfortably at a café or sitting in an airport treadmill (as I show at the end of this post) …


even if it’s so urgent that I need to start working offline on the road …. anything goes!

Sri Lanka

Xoxo, Prats