SriLankan Style

Almost nothing. That was my honest answer when a perplexed friend has questioned my decision to come to Sri Lanka: – But what do you know about that place?

Since I’m passionate about photography, the first reference about Sri Lanka that came into my mind was this iconic Steve McCurry’s image.

Indeed, I’ve started researching at that point…

Steve McCurry

Currently,  local fishermen are paid to climb those sticks… by people with selfie sticks.

The country is experiencing a healthy growth in tourism, after recovering from the 2004 Tsunami effects and a Civil War that I can hardly understand how it could happen.

I ‘m telling this because Sri Lankans seem to be ultra tolerant and have been colonized by other people before (Portuguese, English and Dutch) while domestic ethnic groups vied for power.

Defense Ministry,  Colombo

Due to the different cultural influences, it’s fairly easy to find people speaking good English and having afternoon tea or to coming across buildings and channeled rivers  in Dutch style.

Also, some very popular Portuguese surnames, such as Silva and Perera, can be seen on street signs and shops.

Catholic Church in Negombo

The period Sri Lanka have remained under Portugal’s rule is also marked by the conversion of many people to the Catholicism.

There were (and still are)  so many churches in Negombo that the city became to be called Little Rome.

On the other hand,  many Tamil and Hindu have kept their faith and rituals, as well as the Buddhist – so one can only think about religious tolerance when bumping into churches, mosques and Buddhist temples almost side-by-side in many cities.

Buddhist temple in Negombo

Now Australian, Indian, Chinese, Americans, Europeans, in general – and Brazilian like me – are the new explorers in Sri Lanka.

The fact that the country is an island makes it easy to the tourists accessing the beaches and national parks, enjoying the abundant nature and observing wild animals.

There are also several interesting points to discover in the urban areas.

Even the simplest activities have a peculiar charm here, like taking a local bus (super cheap) and being greeted with lots of genuine smiles.

Sri_Lanka_public_transport_by pratserie.jpg
Local Bus in Seeduwa

Not to mention how fun it is to check the customized décor and enjoy the loud music on board.

It feels like being an extra on a Bollywood movie, due to the similar sonority to the Indian music and the views of many people wearing Sarees and Bindis – resonating with the “imported” reference.

Sri Lankan Style

Remember that quirk head movement seem in many Indian movies’ choreography?

Sri Lankans also do that all the time.

And their accent seems very much like Raj’s — the Indian character on The Big Bang Theory sitcom 🙂

Cinnamon Grand Hotel Colombo

Did you liked this appetizer?

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Xoxo, Prats

My workspace this month – Hangover Hostels Airport
All images posted here were taken by me, except the ones credited to the author.
Cover photo: Hotel Mount Lavinia’s décor.
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