Everything New Again

I celebrate this Easter with great simplicity and joy – despite being away from my family and beloved friends. The date also marks the beginning of my eleventh month on this journey. As much as I’ve been learning and experiencing so much during this time … I still feel goose bumps flipping the calendar!

Louis_Vuitton_foundation_by _Fernanda_Prats
First clicks: Fondation Lous Vuitton, Paris, 27 May 2015

This retrospective is completely random. The idea is just sharing some photos from different stages of my trip, as a souvenir for those who follows me here …

First city on my Remote Year itinerary: Prague, June 2015

Yes, each picture has a story… but this post would be endless if I decided to “connect the dots” and explain all the “hows, whens, wheres and whys.”


Gorgeous Croatia, Slovenia and Turkey: July to September 2015

I hope these images turns into inspiration for you, so we keep travelling together… Cause, your virtual company is what really inspires Pratserie.


Malaysia, Indonesia and Vitenam… ending 2015 with lots of positive energy.

I wish everyone a Happy Easter … straight from Sri Lanka!


Kisses, Prats

*All photos captured with the super Samsung Galaxy Note4, a gift from Ketchum PR Brasil. Thank you!

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