Magical Mystery Tour

Closing the laptop, taking a Tuk Tuk, visiting a Buddhist temple … in Sri Lanka. Even in my wildest dreams I wouldn’t imagine this sequence of events kicking off the weekend!


The Angurukaramulla Temple is very close to my workspace, but it feels like I’ve traveled to a whole new world – all colorful and psychedelic – with its crazy mix of paintings, sculptures, niches, carvings and details.


It really seems that people would be swallowed, as the entrance architecture suggests.

Sri_Lanka_bhuddist_temple_by_pratserie.pngMoving around the spiral interiors, we are hipnotized by colors and shapes …


and energized with the best vibes!

niche in the wall

The temple is not so big and it hardly gets crowded, so one can immerse in pure contemplation and enjoy every moment in peace.

Bhuddist tattoos

I hope my findings can make your day (or night) a bit more colorful now. That’s my intention for this post: sharing the positive energy I have found on that Temple. Namaste!


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