Eating is one of the most delicious – and affordable – ways to travel. You can try new flavors, rituals and combinations without a plane ticket. Or even have it delivered.

I’ve been living abroad in different countries and having diverse gastronomic experiences for almost one year. I attended cooking courses, explored supermarkets and local sellers, prepared my own meals and also ate in all sorts of place. From street food the wedding banquets. As every country has its specialties and characteristic ingredients, this post would be too long if I tried to explain everything. So today’s Menu is something most people like: simple food, no frills.

Pra Viagem - Delivery(Seafood) by Fernanda Prats.jpg
Beach combo (Unawatuna, Sri Lanka)

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Probably the phrase – attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci – refers to another context. But, it also could apply to this kind of experience. Nothing more trivial than having “spring rolls” and a beer, for example, on a happy hour in Vietnam. Just imagine the combination of textures (crunchy outside, juicy inside), temperature (hot food, cold beer) and the sensational small dip sauce (indescribable) … Voila! That’s poetry for me.

Spring Rolls, Beer and the tastiest sauce (Hanoi, Vietnã)

Diversity and Fun

It was pretty difficult choosing what to buy at the Spice Market in Istanbul (even though I already been to Turkey a few years ago). And also at the multiple grocery stores, stalls and restaurants, with all kinds of food, in my neighborhood… Not to mention all the fun I had with a simple ice cream, during a night out with my friends from Remote Year.

Beyond Sushi and Yakissoba

At the other side of the world, the gastronomic diversity is even greater than I imagined. In Malaysia, the street food is practically a tourist attraction and the Indonesian coffee is really special – as I have said in previous posts. Here in Sri Lanka, I discovered the Curries and Egg Hoppers, which are not as popular in Brazil, and delight me with fruits and Arrack (distilled alcoholic drink, produced from coconut).

Sri Lanka _ arrack_drink_by _Fernanda_Prats.jpg
Passion Fruit and Arrack cocktail, Cashew Nuts with Curry Leaves plus Manioca Chips, served at  Chena Huts by Ugga (Yala, Sri Lanka)

Snack Break

The heat in Ceylon is so intense that I became addicted to Ginger Beer – a non-alcoholic drink, despite its name. To satisfy my craving for comfort food, I ordered a burger one of these days and  enjoyed the restaurant’s concept: they prepare western adapting the recipes to favor fresh local products.

Delivery_ Rustic Burger _Fernanda_Prats.jpg
Yummy snack at Cook Space (Unawatuna, Sri Lanka)

Going Local

Leveraging the best of every place and season, I had the chance to taste ingredients that aren’t cheap in Brazil. It was truffle season in Slovenia – not bad, right? – and in Croatia, I used to catch figs straight from the tree, on my way to the workspace.  I also couldn’t resist the cakes and candies made with fresh berries at the farmers market in Czech Republic.

Farmer’s market near our workspace (Prague, Czeck Republic).

It’s a pity not being able to deliver some samples for you RIGHT NOW, but I hope to have triggered our imagination! Some day you can try one of these delicacies in your own kitchen or at a restaurant anywhere in the world – your city included.

Xoxo, Prats

Pra Viagem_Fernanda_Prats_pratserie
Ginger Beer com Popcorn snack (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
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