Subtle Differences

Next weekend, I have a photoshoot for a Sri Lankan magazine. Do you want to know how to work on a fashion production here?

There are some similarities with the way I used to work in São Paulo if you compare with the step-by-step of a fashion production here in Sri Lanka. The differences are easy to be identified – even for those unfamiliar with the métier – and I’m also reporting some local curiosities. Experts can understand the subtleties.

  • As usual, the deadline is tight – it should be an international trend. Quickly I contact directly the brands recommended by the editor and a photographer
  • Frashion PRs? They don’t have here. So communications with those responsible for authorizing the production must be very specific, keeping all records, and in English.
“okay, it’s all good”
  • Tuk tuk for fashion research (fresh and great to avoid traffic), Uber to retrieve the bags with selected items (extra comfort and air conditioning make up for the extra minutes en route).
  • One of the brands only sells on Facebook and keps all communication with me via SMS. The system works all right and they send the options to my address.
Tuk Tuk drivers are almost as crazy as the motorcycle couriers in São Paulo .
  • Many smiles welcoming me at stores, plus the intriguing headshaking … I can’t quite understand what it means, but they always do that here. You know how it is? At the end of this post I’m sharing a very funny video on the topic.
  • I attend punctually at the agreed time for retrieving the production, excited with the promise that everything will be ready and I just have to sign the consignment papers (a list of the pieces I selected for the job)… In my dreams! Still need to wait for the process, that just starts on my arrival.
Good habits in fashion production: double check the items and be sure it’s all listed,
  • I offer to help fold and organize the items in the bag, as I always do in Brazil – this guarantees it all remains in good condition along the process. I simply hate to see people tossing the clothes carelessly, especially if those who work with fashion!
  • Instead of a deposit check (often requested as consignment guarantee), I must present my passport.
  • Ready! Now it’s time to work my magic coordinating the items and enclosing a concept within the possibilities I have … and prepare my suitcase.

Of course I’ll show it later! For now, have fun with the video of the head shakes, dancing “sri lankan style” …

Xoxo, Prats

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