Pratserie is a blog about lifestyle and unconventional travel reports, with the unique perspective of a Stylist turned into Digital Nomad.


As Fernanda Prats dares to embrace a new career and immerse in other cultures, you’re invited to follow along – discovering new trends, tips and stories that makes this journey so special…


This blog content is freshly prepared, on the go, with selected “ingredients” to satisfy your appetite for all sorts of information in a fun, authentic way: fashion, technology, beauty, entrepreneurship. lifehacks, curiosities and, of course, travel stories.


Pratserie has an engaged Brazilian and Portuguese speaking audience  aa well as a good range of international followers – growing the reach as Fernanda connects with people and businesses in diverse countries speaking/writing in Portuguese and English. Most readers are 25+ years old, with a slight predominance of women.


This journey begins when Fernanda Prats is selected to participate on the first Remote Year, leaving behind a career as fashion Stylist in São Paulo, Brazil – with a portfolio that includes covers for the local Cosmopolitan, the Beauty Finder collum at Opaque Magazine, jobs on advertising and fashion campaigns.

Storytelling and authentic images were always at the core of her work.

Fernanda Prats has created Pratserie to share her stylish findings and passionate testimonials, inspiring daydreamers to take action… or simply enjoy the ride.

5 bubbles with Fernanda Prats' selfies

“Fernanda Prats is a fashion stylist who has worked for many international publications in her native Brazil.She has taken a year off and is travelling the world as a Digital Nomad writing about her various experiences. “ Daily Mirror and life.lk

“We don’t just want to share tips and tell people what to do, we want to take them on a journey with us and have them feel as if they’re right here with us.” Fernanda from Brazil echoed that it should be organic and very natural. “We don’t want to come off like an advertisement. Nobody buys from ads.” The Dubrovinik Times

“People, who want to get the best detox experience come from different parts of the world! They speak different languages, but the expressions of joy, happiness, excitement are understood everywhere.” Svarga Loka Resort (client)


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