Takin’it Easy*

Technically, leaving Bali was easier than getying there. I felt renewed and lighter, body and soul … Even my luggage lost weight.


To celebrate the accomplishment, I published an article on Linkedin with tips for those who want to travel light – explainig how I organized my suitcase, prioritizing style and efficiency, to have a successful jouney with the Remote Year group.

In fact, I’m writing this post sitting in front of the luggage claim in Kuala Lumpur – taking this free time (and the free wifi) to browse this month’s edition of Opaque Magazine that featured my article about Muslim style that I prepared here in Malaysia and Turkey.

So nice to see how it’s paginated…


Despite all this lightness, I’m already missing the people and wonderful experiences that I lived in Bali. i just left Indonesia few hours before my visa was expired and I probably wouldn’t leave if it weren’t so… This week, I begin to publish the best moments of this amazing stage of my journey. But the treadmill is finally working, I need to rescue “my house” …


Xoxo, Prats

* The original title “Leve Leve” is a popular expression in Portugal. Since the word LEVE can either be a verb or a noun in Portuguese (TAKE and LIGHT), I preferred to translate by approximate meaning.

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