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Meet Alessa Novelli, movie actress on Solar Eclipse Depth of Darkness who presented an unplanned performance behind the scenes – she covered the song “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran and amazed all cast and crew. In this interview, Alessa shares he tips on career challenges, fashion, beauty, travel and music.

What are the odds of finding two Latin American in a Bollywood-like movie set in Sri Lanka? Okay, let’s make iy a bit more difficult … Imagine that one is Peruvian and plays a key character in a stellar cast while the other, a Brazilian, is just working as an extra in a group with more than 100 people. Whe the director wraps the shooting day, the first one takes the microphone and enchants all the team with a unique singing performance. The other – of course that’s me! – document it on a clip and manage to interview the artist …


Hi everybody! My name is Alessa Novelli, and I am a singer / songwriter from Lima, Peru. I recently got started in the acting world and had the privilege of working with an amazing cast and crew in the film Solar Eclipse: Depth of Darkness that was shot in Sri Lanka. I can only say that working with everybody was a bit of a surreal experience.

Just a quick note: this interview happened through a bunch of messages, since Alessa left Sri Lanka as she her participation in the shootings that day. We started talking about challenges:

I get very nervous during interviews and I start overthinking everything. The moment I start talking I just feel like a huge snowball is forming and rolling down hill and I just don’t know how to make it stop! … so every once in a while I will write the word “breathe” on my hand as a mini-reminder to simply relax. Unfortunately that trick does not work when there is choreography involved 😉 (now, that scene was a challenge! 🙂

As every actress and singer, you probably have to perform tests and network with agents, producers, directors … How do you do when you have only 15 minutes to make an impression?

Alessa Novelli (myspace)

I know this will sound like a total cliché but being yourself is key. In the beginning I would try to fit the mold of what I thought they were looking for and that never worked because I wasn’t being authentic … it felt unnatural, and it showed. When it’s time to perform I try to disconnect from everything else, and enjoy the moment. After all, that’s the fun part! If it is a cold reading it is best to follow your instincts and don’t second-guess yourself.

Dressing appropriately also helps. I think when you feel comfortable in what you are wearing it gives you that extra boost of confidence, and entering the room with confidence is very important.

What kind of outfit makes you more comfortable?

I love dresses. They make my life so much easier because I don’t have to worry about mixing and matching. It’s also easy to transition from day to night … just switch your hairstyle or accessories and you are set.

Ummm, this “theory” also applies to onesies, that I know you not so fond of them…

Yes. I would say never say never, but … adult onesies. I could maybe tolerate the PJ versions, or you wearing them in your home (when there is no one else around), but not outside …  it just looks wrong (although I do respect the courage and bravery of those who dare to “rock them” outside).

Anna Delo Russo, Sabrina Sato and Fernanda Prats (myself!) rockin’ some denin onesies! This image was posted on my instagram @pratserie

Well I hope you like the way we did it… But let’s change the subject… tell me about your beauty rituals.

I have a friend who has been doing yoga every day for almost 3 years and it inspired me to go back to Yoga. I have been trying to do it every day as well, so even if I don’t make it to the studio I always try to do at least 20 minutes on my mat.I also  think indoor rock climbing is so much fun, but I haven’t been able to practice it for a while. Might be a good idea since I am trying to build my arm strength.

I have super dry skin, so I always apply moisturizer and sunblock on my face or a BB cream with good SPF if I am in a rush. I can’t go to sleep without removing my makeup (love using olive oil as a cleanser), but sometimes I get home very late from a gig and I simply want to crawl into bed, so I keep a pack of make-up wipes under my pillow for those “emergency situations”.

When you can go on a trip just for leisure, what’s your travel style? And what about your latest travel plans…

I am a laid back traveler, and I really enjoy traveling by myself. I don’t like planning every single detail for the trip because I feel it takes away so much of the adventure. I like figuring things out when I get to the place, explore a bit, and if I have no clue what to do, then I can check out an agency and see what options are available. However, if I am traveling with my family then I become a bit more organized with itineraries and such. 

I am looking forward to traveling to Serbia and Montenegro in June. We are traveling for a wedding, and my nonna was from Montenegro, so I think it is going to be a beautiful trip.My family is Italian, and it is a shame I have never been there (I did have a layover in the Rome airport so at least I am getting closer). Brazil and Argentina are also in my list of places to visit, so I am hoping I can do that next year since they are so close to home.

Any “insider tip” from Peru?

I recently came back from my second trip to Cuzco. The first time I did the typical touristy stuff, taking the tour buses and trains to get to the different places. However, this time we took an amazing tour driving ATVs. The views on the way to Maras and Moray were breathtaking.

Noted! It was a pleasure to interview you and I’m sure your tips were very interesting for the readers.

Thank you so much for the interview Fernanda! I have enjoyed reading your blog posts about your Sri Lankan adventures – since I did not get to explore as much – and I even  thought about which songs made me revive the atmosphere of recent trips. Here’s for your Entreorelhas series:

  • Vail, Colorado: That Particular Time (Alanis Morissete)
  • London, Reino Unido Gravity (Sara Bareilles)
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka: Shake It Out (Florence + The Machine and pretty much all the songs from their album Ceremonials)

Awesome! I appreciated getting to know you better, after having your voice stuck Entreorelhas (between-the-ears)….
For those who want to find out more about Alessa Novelli, stay tuned in her channels:

Xoxo, Prats.

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